With over 170 million customers, and processing over $350 million dollars per day, PayPal is

the easiest and most secure way to pay for online purchases.

Since 1998, it has proven itself as the best means of buyer protection.

Why share your credit or debit card information with every online merchant when you can

simply click on the PayPal button and know your information is secure?

Setting up a PayPal account is as easy as entering your email address and creating a unique

password.  Enter your credit card or debit card information once, and never have to fill out an

other online form again.  PayPal allows you to use any major credit card or pay directly from your checking account!

PayPal uses the information you enter for the payment to activate your account, so the only extra time you’ll spend doing it is however long it takes to create a password. And because the online payment system doesn’t charge membership fees, being an account holder won’t affect you in any way -- except for speeding up the process the next time you want to pay someone via PayPal.

Check out this short video clip!

PayPal - The safe and easy way to do business online!

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